Considering the app is powered by Dark Sky, why should I pick Appy Weather over their official app?

Great question. There are a couple of intertwined factors I'd recommend considering when evaluating Appy Weather: its unique interpretation of the data provided by Dark Sky that's presented in an alternative design — there is a lot of custom logic that the raw data received is filtered through to ensure the final output is user-friendly. Whether this is enough reason to go with Appy Weather, I'll leave for you to decide.

Why does the free version of Appy Weather only allow 10 weather requests per day?

I can't afford to allow any more because the service used to retrieve the weather isn't free. That said, the longer term goal is remove this limit thanks to sponsorships essentially covering the potential expenses. Sponsors will be tastefully presented and carefully selected, effectively ruling out using a third-party ad vendor, whose curation and appearance I've no control over, and whose inclusion would hinder performance too. These are compromises I'm unwilling to make because maintaining high UX levels is a top priority, even if it comes at an expense, especially initially.

Why did you go with the subscription model?

In order for Appy Weather to be sustainable, after careful consideration, it became clear a recurring revenue stream is essential. I worked incredibly hard on this app, and the last thing I want is for it to be pulled from the Store at any point in the future because it's not economically viable. That would be a terrible outcome, especially for the customer. And so I consider it my duty to launch with a monetisation policy that greatly reduces the probability of changes being introduced that may cause existing customers to feel in any way mislead, or short-changed, or in a worst-case scenario cause the app to be shut down.

What do the notifications cover?

  • Morning summary of today's weather
  • Evening heads-up on tomorrow's weather
  • Precipitation alerts
  • Severe weather warnings

  • And the widgets?

  • Now (small) (x-small)
  • Timeline (small)
  • Today (small)
  • Today + Upcoming
  • Upcoming (small)
  • You can choose between light and dark backgrounds, as well as setting them to be translucent.

    Finally, what's your privacy policy?

    Third Culture Apps doesn't collect or process any user data.